D&D Encounters: The B Team

Yes it does!

Missive from the one true GM

Hello gents! Game’s on for this Wednesday night at 6:30. Location’s changed, this’ll be our spot for the foreseeable future. We’re going to be in Keirstead Hall in one of the labs. As you drive up from the bottom of the hill, turn right onto Dineen drive and head most of the way up towards STU. There’s a driveway on the left that belongs to Keirstead Hall, park there (I’ll meet you at the door to make sure you find the place). Here’s a map, in case you’re not familiar with UNB campus:

Behold, Mappiness!

And if you’re familiar with the campus, ignore all of that. You already know where you’re going.

Cheers guys, see you tomorrow night!


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