D&D Encounters: The B Team

Thu'Gog's Log - Day 3

Of course we’d have trouble. A town this small had to have an idiot at the helm, and an idiot at the helm means idiots throughout the command structure.

Leaving before the sun came up was a big deal for Sir Dungforbrains. Duke Stonehead had decided that no one, especially those trying to keep the peace and help the town, should be able to leave before sunrise. That could only lead to anarchy. We were forced to stand and wait, because gods forbid we got to the Manor in a timely fashion.

Once the man in charge had let enough folks he deemed fit into the town we were let out and headed down the road.

Now, I can’t say what it is about the Paladin that attracts wildlife, but he’s like a magnet for creatures of all sorts, and before we’d covered half the distance to our destination he’d found some frogs. Not little peeping buggers, no. Frogs the size of small ponies. And they tried to stuff me in their mouths. I was not impressed and after finding a hidden trove of treasure nearby, I decided we should camp for the night.

Gods know what we’ll be ambushed by tonight.



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