D&D Encounters: The B Team

Thu'Gog's Log - Day 8

You know, I never thought a silly looking potion would be the thing to get us into a fortified town, but there you are.

The town of Jolkun was set to repel a heavy raid, moats, spikes, pits and all.
Oh, and it was full of Goblins.
With just the Paladin and I, I was trying to devise the best possible entrance strategy when I remembered that in our spoils from our trip to the Estate we had some potions. One of them was meant to allow a person to become invisible and travel to another plane if need be. Darryl and I agreed that walking through the walls of the town unseen was preferable to a direct assault.

I’ll tell you, it was an odd feeling, but we walked throughout the town, into buildings and past guards, looking for the townsfolk and the relic. It wasn’t until we finally delved deep into an underground compound in the towns northern, further fortified section, that we found what we wanted. Damn it all if it wasn’t guarded by some gobin witch. She knew we were there, though and raised an alarm. We knew we needed to silence her to take what was needed. In this, Shantia was clearly by my side. She guided my strikes and protected me from harm. She struck with me, bringing the infernal goblin down. I know that were it not for her aid, even a warrior of my skill would not have survived the following melee and charge for safety.

Darryl and I were able to force our way through waves of goblins and escape into an underground river, finally ending up outside the walls in the moat.

We met a talking squirrel there, which, I suppose, seems reasonable, given we’d just walked through solid earth and walls.



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