D&D Encounters: The B Team

Thu'Gog's Log - Day 5

Back to town, looks like no one is overly concerned about the Estate, so Darryl and I decided to liquidate some of the treasure we found and decide what to do next.

Turns out the lad who almost shot Darryl has hung himself, a great shock to everyone. Seems he thought he was hearing voices. Very strange.

I spoke with the priestess of Shantia. I was told she would be the authority on magic in town, but she wasn’t able to offer much in the way of help. She did agree to bless my weapon, however. Darryl and I decided that our best plan would be to investigate the problems in town and the clear presence of someone magically influencing people. The priestess agreed to help, but needed a relic from Jolkun, so we will set out tomorrow.

As long as we avoid gnolls and frogs I will be happy.



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